Piezo Positioning Options for the Magneto-Optic

The Magneto-Optic option has a specially shaped radiation shield that allows for the use of piezo positioners. Earlier versions were restricted for which stages might work. Several adaptations now make it possible to use almost any combination of piezos.

In the simplest case, a single attocube 101 series piezo may be used with the Magneto-Optic with the standard platform. In addition, a single 101 series piezo and a single 51 series piezo stage can be combined as shown below.

The Housing extensions will allow the height of the magnet to be raised to allow more room for the piezos. Here is an example with a 101 series X and Z stage inserted. Note the housing has an extension shown and the magnet is raised as well.

Piezo-Recessed Configuration

The Piezo Recessed Option (pocket) allows the stages to be placed below the standard platform and circuit board level.  This allows the attocube 101 series XYZ stack to work with the magnet (also shown with the Recessed Objective option overhead).

The Piezo Recessed option includes a flexible thermal link that works with the included XYZ piezos.

Piezo-Recessed Configuration with 180º Rotary Stage

For users who want to position the sample at various angles between the poles, a manual rotary option is available. 

Figure 1: Manual version for positioning the sample