Wiring Options

All systems supply electrical feedthroughs for user connections into the sample space. 

wiring harnesses

Simple low conduction cable harnesses are available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 pins. These generally have a straight section for thermal lagging and a coiled section for thermal heat dissipation. Options include:

P/NWire TypeLengthOne EndOther EndUse
4100-364-xxPhosphor Bronzexx Inches2 pins on 2mm spacing2 pins on 2mm spacingAttocube open loop stages
4100-365-xxPhosphor Bronzexx Inches5 pins on 2mm spacing5 pins on 2mm spacingExternal cable from Attocube harness to Montana Instruments external connector
4100-625-xxPhosphor Bronzexx Inches
5 pins on 2mm spacing5 sockets on 2mm spacingAttocube closed loop stages or CB12 or DIP16 electrical sample mounts

Phosphor Bronzexx Inches
5 pins on 2mm spacing5 pins on 1.6mm spacingMO14 electrical sample mount
4100-11381GHz coax4"SMPSMPFrom semirigid coax to user device on piezos

Below are examples of typical low frequency wiring harnesses, with a straight section to run under the thermal lagging location and a coiled section for thermal heat dissipation inside the radiation shield. 

Flexible Circuit connectors

New 12 and 25 pin flexible circuit connector options provide superior thermal anchoring and keep the wiring clean and organized. These flexible circuits come standard on the Fusion, and are also used in various other options, such as the R2D12 electrical sample mount and platform heaters.